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From: Steven Hall
Dear Future Entrepreneur,

Let me ask you the following questions...

  • "Do you want to MAKE MONEY from the Internet?"
  • "Are you sick of losing money on "Get Rich Quick" scams that cost a fortune and don't work?"
  • "Would you like to see something that actually works.... and will not cost you a penny?"

If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions I have some very good news for you. Mute your phone, and read every single word on this page very carefully, because you're about to discover the REAL secret to making money online.... FOR FREE!!!

On this page, I'm going to reveal to you how I make money completely automatically by using my LIST BUILDING BLUEPRINT.... Then I'm going to give you my blueprint and all of the tools you need to get started TODAY 100% FREE!

But first, please allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Steven Hall, I'm 46 years old and I retired in 2003 (age 29) because I found a way to make more money online than I was making from my day job.

I'm a genuine, normal guy that's discovered a really awesome way to make money. And I want to share it with you.

Replacing your day job with an income from the Internet means that you can spend more time with your family. That's important. I don't believe that anybody should have to work 40+ hours per week for the best years of their life.

Have you ever heard the saying...

"The money is in the list"

Every successful Internet marketer has uttered this immortal phrase countless times. And for very good reason. An email list is the most valuable and profitable asset you can build. But don't take my word for it, this is what some of the worlds top entrepreneurs have to say about list building...


Pat Flynn

“When I started this blog, I made the newbie mistake of not including a way to accumulate email addresses. No newsletter, no opt-in form – nothing.”

Pat Flynn, smartpassiveincome.com

75,000 subscribers

Douglas Karr

“Without a doubt, our email list is the best investment we’ve ever made.”

Douglas Karr, marketingtechblog.com

100,000 subscribers

Jon Acuff

“The biggest social media mistake I’ve ever made. Email matters. People don’t change their email addresses. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, people join and drop that pretty often. But changing your email address is a hassle.”

Jon Acuff, acuff.me

100,000 subscribers

Michael Hyatt

"I have literally built a multi-million dollar business on the strength of my email list.

Ninety percent of my income comes from it.

Even today, my email list is still my number one business priority—and asset.”

Michael Hyatt, michaelhyatt.com

115,000 subscribers

Successful entrepreneurs know that the money is in the list. They usually have several huge lists.

Most beginners don't have a list. And they often use this as an excuse as to why they're not making any money. Over the years I've attended many internet marketing seminars and workshops. When I get talking to people on breaks it always amazes me how many times I hear the phrase "But I don't have a list".

It's worth remembering that...

Nobody has a list to begin with
Everybody has to start from scratch


The Money is in the List!


Why is a list such a powerful way of making money?

A list is a collection of email addresses of people that are all interested in the same subject. When you know what interests people, it’s very easy to make money by selling products to them.

This simple truth is...


The first secret to making Money


When you know what people are interested in,
you know which products they will want to buy.

In fact, there is a better secret that expands on this one, and makes you a lot more money…

When you know what problems people have,
you know which products they will be desperate to buy.

I going to show you how to use this secret to make money from the internet. This simple secret is the backbone of my list building blueprint.


The 3 step List Building Blueprint


My List Building Blueprint uses a very powerful 3 step process to make money.

  • Step One: It gives away ebooks on various subjects. Depending on which book a person downloads, I know what subject they’re interested in, and what problems they have.
  • Step Two: It adds the person to a list.
  • Step Three: It sells products to them.

It does all of this completely automatically, while I sleep.

I want you to copy this blueprint. So that you can make money while you sleep too. I'm going to give you everything that you need to copy my blueprint for free.

Now let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard the phrase...

"The Psychology of Selling"

There are several proven psychological sales triggers that cause a person to buy a product. Each of these triggers is like a button. You need to push the right buttons (in the right order) to get the sale.

While I was creating my blueprint I knew that I would make more money if it took advantage of these triggers and pushed these buttons.

The money making buttons of the psychology of selling are...


Psychological Sales Trigger #1


The Law of Reciprocation

The Law of Reciprocation states that when you do something for another person, they feel a desire to do something for you in return.

In sales, this translates to…

When you give somebody a free gift, they are much more likely to buy a product.

This law is the reason that companies give away free pens. Pens cost money. But companies know that giving a client a free pen will increase the chances of getting the sale.

The extra sales more than cover the cost of the pens. If they didn’t then companies wouldn’t do it.

My blueprint takes advantage of the Law of Reciprocation by giving away free books. Of course, this benefits me in other ways too, as the book that the reader chooses tells me what products they’ll buy.

My blueprint also invokes the Law of Reciprocation when it emails my list.

Many of the emails include valuable information for free. Each email further increasing the chances that they’ll decide to buy products from me.

This leads us nicely on to our second psychological sales trigger…


Psychological Sales Trigger #2



My system emails my list every other day, for an entire year, completely automatically. Of course, my subscribers don’t know that everything is on auto-pilot.

They believe that I’m emailing them personally.

They also don’t realise that my system is sending the same email to thousands of other subscribers.

The system uses the subscribers name, and my emails always feel like they’re coming from a caring friend.

This regular, personal contact creates a very strong sense of rapport. It breaks down barriers and it builds trust.

Again, meaning that each email my system sends further increases the chances that my subscribers will decide to buy products from me.

I want you to note that I said "Buy products from me" not "Buy my products"

You see, I’m not selling my own products to my list. I’m selling other peoples products.

And you are going to do the same.

So rest assured, you don’t need your own product.

Now lets look at the third psychological sales trigger...


Psychological Sales Trigger #3


The Law of Familiarity

Did you know that experiments have demonstrated that people need to see a product up to 7 times before they’ll buy it!

Isn’t that crazy!

This is one of the reasons that “The money is in the list!”

You see, with a list, you can present a product to a person over and over again. Until they’re ready to buy it.

Of course, you don’t just keep sending out the same email.

But you can mention several features of a product over time. Or share a review or give a demonstration. Each exposure building up their desire to buy.

The Law of Familiarity works in another way too, which also lends itself incredibly well to lists.

A person if much more likely to buy from you if they’ve already bought something from you before.

The success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20% while the success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%



Not every list is equal.

Most people that have a list use it to send out promotions to their subscribers. Usually, these promotions are rather haphazard and unordered.

Basically, they find a bunch of products that they believe their subscribers will buy and blindly add a promotion for each one to their list. The list then sends out the promotions one after the other, completely automatically. When a subscriber buys a product, the list owner makes money.

This is what 99% of list owners do.

It might sound like a great way to make money. But with an understanding of sales psychology, and a little bit of planning, you can set up your list so that it makes BIG MONEY.

Your goal is to turn your subscriber into a customer as quickly as possible.

The trick is to start small and build trust...


Why you should sell something cheap


Offer your new subscribers a product that costs almost nothing (Let’s say $1).

There’s a good chance that they’ll buy it, because you invoked the Law of Reciprocation when you gave them a free book.

You also know what type of product they are most likely to buy because you know which book they downloaded.

And hey… it’s only a dollar!

When they buy the product they make a very important transition. They become a customer.

  • Now they know that you’re genuine.
  • Now they know that you deliver on your promise.
  • Now they know that they can trust you.
  • Now they are much more likely to buy more products from you.

Due to the Law of Familiarity, a person that has bought from you before is 300% more likely to buy from you again. And...

The Cost of the Product Doesn't Matter!

This law works even if the second product costs a LOT more than the first.

I’ve seen people click on a link to buy a product for a dollar, then pay over $200 for an up-sell. Then, after using the $200 product for a while, happily forking out several thousand dollars for the “next stage”.

This is known as a sales funnel.

It’s one of the most powerful money making secrets you’ll ever come across.



A sales funnel leverages proven psychological sales triggers to turn subscribers into buyers... and small profits into MASSIVE PROFITS!

This is how it works...

  • STEP ONE: A free gift invokes the Law of Reciprocation, and it adds a potential customer to your list.
  • STEP TWO: Your list builds rapport, by regularly sending out “personal” emails on auto-pilot.
  • STEP THREE: Your list presents your subscriber with the opportunity to purchase a product at a very low cost.
  • STEP FOUR: When your subscriber buys the low cost product they become your customer. They are now over 300% more likely to buy more products from you.
  • STEP FIVE: You sell more expensive products and make more money.
  • STEP SIX: See step 5! Rinse and repeat forever!



Making money from your list is a science. If you take a little time to set up your list correctly it'll make you a lot more money.

I'm a big believer in...

"Do the work once, get paid forever!"


The best way to set up your list


As I have said already. I am going to give you everything that you need to start building a list. But YOU need to set up your list.

It's not hard work.

Much of what you'll need to do is just copy and paste.

But the way that you set up your list can make a huge difference to your profits.

Most beginners make the same mistake.

They only add promotions. Imagine being on a list like that! Every other day you get an email asking you to buy something. No value, no entertainment, just constantly asking for money.

If I was on a list like that I'd be hitting the unsubscribe link in a heartbeat! Wouldn't you?

If you want to make money you need to think about your subscribers. Imagine what kind of emails they'd love to receive.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of emails will make my subscribers like me?
  • What kind of emails will they look forward to?
  • What kind of emails will they be excited to open?

I've been on a weight loss mailing list for about 2 years. I don't need to lose weight. I've never been on a diet. I only joined the list to see what kind of emails they'd send me because I was setting up my own weight loss list.

Even though I'll never buy a weight loss product (because I don't need one) I love getting those emails!

It actually makes me smile every time I see one in my inbox.

Each email includes an interesting fact, or an inspiring story.

All of the emails also include a link to a product, so the list owner is definitely using the list to make money. I've checked out a few of the products and they are all affiliate links. So this person isn't trying to sell their own product. They're doing exactly what I do.

They're promoting other peoples products. Which is what you're going to do too. I'll tell you all about this in just a moment.

They have set up their list with fantastic emails that their subscribers will love to receive.

So how can you set up a list like this?

It's easy!

Just do a search for interesting facts and inspiring stories about the same subject as your promotion, then copy and paste these into your email along with a promotion for a product. Then add the email to your auto-responder

It will take you a little longer than just copying ready-made promotional emails but not too long, and as I said, you're only doing the work once. Once you have set up your list, it runs on auto-pilot.

Once you have set up your list, everything can be fully automated. The entire system runs like clockwork. Completely automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. FOREVER!



When you have a list that provides you with a passive income….

  • There is no cap on the amount of money you can earn. Your income potential is unlimited!
  • You can become financially free as your passive income exceeds all of your outgoings
  • 100% of your time is yours to spend as you please
  • You can build another list, targeting a completely different market, growing your income exponentially

Isn’t that a beautiful way to make money? It’s the way that I make money. And when you copy my list building blueprint, it's the way you'll make money too.


I'm going to give you everything that you need to build your list. Let's take a look at each of the free tools you'll receive...


List Building Blueprint: FREE TOOL #1


Professional Lead Magnets


As you know, a free gift provokes the Law of Reciprocation, but that's not all it does. It provides value. And in exchange for that value, a person is very happy to give you their email address. Your free gift is know as a lead magnet. It attract subscribers (leads) to your list.


What's the perfect Lead Magnet?


An ebook is the perfect Lead Magnet because...

  • It's an electronic file, so you can duplicate it for free
  • It can be downloaded immediately (which satisfies your customers psychological need for instant gratification and greed)
  • The subject of the ebook reveals your customers interests (so you know which products they'll buy!)

I'm going to give you dozens of ebooks completely free. Below is a sample of the ebooks you'll receive.

All of these books (and many more just like them) are yours for free. They will help you to build lots of targeted email lists, which, in turn, will make you lots of money.

You might also like to read some of the books. There are plenty of books about internet marketing that will really help you to grow your business. Think of each book that you read as an extra little bonus ;)

If you were to create these books yourself, you’d have to pay at least $100 to have each one written and another $50 for a graphic artist to create each professional cover image.

You’d also have to wait for several months before they’re ready to build you list.

I am giving dozens of books today. They have a collective value of several thousand dollars.

I will also give you plenty more books in the future. I add to this collection often so you’ll never be short of books to give away.


List Building Blueprint: FREE TOOL #2


Ready Made Squeeze Page and Download Page


I am going to give you (100% FREE) a ready made squeeze page for each of the books. This will collect the email addresses for you. This squeeze page is made using 4 computer languages; HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.

Here's a sample of the squeeze pages that my graphics team have prepared for you...

Sample Squeeze Page for List Builder Tool

It looks simple on the surface, but a lot of things are happening in the background to make it work.

If you can not program yourself, you’d normally have to pay a computer programmer to create this page for you. Computer programmers are not cheap.

This page not only promotes the book, it also adds the subscriber to your list and tags them with the name of the book they selected. So that you know what products they’ll buy.

Of course a squeeze page alone is not enough. You also need a ‘download page’ from which the subscriber can download the book once they’ve given you their email address.

For each book I will give you a ready made squeeze page and download page. So you don’t have to worry about learning the necessary computer languages needed to create them. Or paying a programmer to do it for you.

Just like writers and designers, programmers cost money, and take a long time to do whatever you pay them to do.

But you have everything you need for free. And it’s all ready for you to begin using it today.


List Building Blueprint: FREE TOOL #3


Dedicate Sever Hosting


I am going to give you (100% FREE) Dedicated server hosting for your squeeze page, your books and your download page.

This is something that we haven’t mentioned yet. But you need a place to store your books.

When most people that want to make money online get to this stage, they purchase something called a 'shared hosting' package.

This is basically a machine, where your website lives, that you share with other people.

A shared server can cost as low as $5 or $6 a month. But they are cheap for a reason.

Another website on the shared server can (and often does) cause yours to crash. Or even worse, if your website gets a lot of visitors, then your provider can shut your site down completely so that it doesn't slow down the server for everybody else.

This happened to me a few years ago. My site got a flood of traffic (because I did a promotion) and my provider immediately shut the site down to “protect” the other sites on the server.

In place of my website was the rather worrying message "ACCOUNT SUSPENDED" with no further explanation what-so-ever.

It stayed like this for a couple of weeks and cost me a small fortune in lost sales… and who knows how much damage it did to my reputation.

It took a lot of emailing back and forth before they very reluctantly removed the suspension.

That's the last time I ever used a shared server.

Now I have a dedicated server. The ONLY website on the server is mine. So I'm not risking my business. A dedicated server is very expensive, but the peace of mind is certainly worth it.

All of your books, your squeeze page and your download page are very safely hosted on my dedicated server.


List Building Blueprint: FREE TOOL #4


Professional Unlimited List Management System


This is the most important and valuable part of the entire system.

When you build a list, you don’t just add people to your emailing software. You need a email management system.

Over time, you list will grow. Pretty soon my system will be sending out hundreds of emails a day on your behalf. You simply can’t do that manually.

Time alone is not the issue, and nor is the task of personalising each email with the recipients name.

The real problem is the volume of emails that you’ll need to send. If you attempt to do this with any standard email provider (such as gmail) you’ll very quickly get flagged as a spammer and your emails will never make it into the recipients inbox.

In fact, there are a lot of hoops that you need to jump through in order to prepare an emailing system for bulk email delivery. The process is very complicated. And you need to make sure you keep up with the ever-changing laws that govern the sending of bulk email. It’s a minefield of legislation and definitely not for the beginner.

Of course, I provide all of this for you. 100% FREE.

I created my emailing system myself. For me. Because I wasn’t happy with the systems I’d been using.

Before creating my own emailing system I used Aweber, Mail Chimp, Easy-Street and All In One Profits. I didn’t try Get Response (another very popular system), because they didn’t provide the features that I needed.

My emailing system is designed specifically for people like me. People that want to build email lists, set up sales funnels and make money online by giving away free books.

It has lots of very useful features, such as list automation, spin support, tagging and custom fields, that are going to make you a lot more money.

The email management system sends out emails for you. There are two powerful and profitable ways that the system will email your list. The first is known as an auto-responder and the second is a broadcast.


Your "Salary" emails!


The Auto-Responder Money Machine!

An auto-responder is a series of emails that are sent out to your list in order, one after another. Every list member gets all of the emails in sequence.

Mine sends an email to my list every other day for an entire year!

Think of your auto-responder as your salary. Use it to promote affiliate products that your list members will love, and when they buy them you make money.

Now, let me Answer 2 questions that you may have...

1. To make money, you don't need a product. I don't sell my own products to my list, and neither will you! (more on this later)

2. You will NEVER have to write an email yourself! I didn't write ANY of the emails that are in my Auto-Responder, and neither will you!

As I said before, don't just add ready-made promotional emails to your list. Take a little time to create emails that people will want to receive. Think about that weight loss list that I mentioned earlier.

Every single email provides value.

Do a search from some interesting facts, or inspiring stories. Copy and paste these into your emails to add value. Then copy and paste the ready-made promotional emails. You really don't have to write anything yourself.

Add value to every email you send, and monetize it too, by adding the promotion.


Your "Bonus" emails!


The broadcast email

A broadcast email is sent to every person on your list at the same time, regardless of when they joined. Broadcast emails are fantastic for promoting sales.

Broadcast emails are like your Christmas Bonus... except you can do them as often as you like!

Would you like a "Christmas" Bonus every couple of weeks?

You don't have to write the emails yourself, and you're not selling your own products. You simple find a product that's on sale, copy and paste the ready written email and hit send.

When your list members buy the product, you earn a commission on every sale.

Here's the results of one of my broadcast emails... I didn’t write the email. My entire work was copy, paste and send. It literally took me one minute! Below is a screen shot of my commission payment for sending that one email.

I've sent many other broadcast emails that have made a lot more money than this one, but I wanted to share this one with you because of how I spent the money.

What did I do with the money? I took my girlfriend, Karol, away for a romantic weekend to this beautiful hotel in Paris. And I proposed to her.

Everything was paid for by sending one email to my list, that I didn’t even have to write.

Imagine being able to take your loved one on a romantic weekend to Paris. Everything paid for by sending out an email that you don't even have to write! Copy, paste, send, done!

Sending that email is probably one of the reasons that she said yes! Karol loves Paris.

Now I'd like to answer some of your questions...

Question: Did she say yes? Answer: Yes she did, thanks for asking!

OK, now on to the real questions...


Question #1


"Who writes the emails?"

Not YOU... EVER!

It's really hard to write an email to convince somebody to buy a product. It also takes time... As I said, I have an email being sent out to my list every other day for a year! And I have a LOT of lists!

I didn't write ANY of the emails.

When you choose which products you'd like to promote, most of them (all the good ones!) come with ready written emails that you can simply copy and paste.

The wonderful thing about these emails (aside of saving you days of writing!) is that they've been written by professional copy writers that know the product inside out.

AND... most importantly, they're been tested and tweaked over and over again.

What you're copy and pasting is the result of a LOT of work and a LOT of experience. All of which makes you a LOT more money!

As I said previously, it's also a great idea to add a little value or entertainment to each email that you send. So do a search for some interesting facts or an inspiring story that will compliment the promotion and copy that into the email too.


Question #2


"What do I sell?"

You're going to be selling other people's products as an affiliate. I'll show you a website where you can choose from tens of thousands of products to sell.

Pick one that you'd like to sell (a product that solves a problem that your list members might have is best) and copy and paste the ready written email into your auto-responder

You can fill up your auto-responder with dozens of emails promoting products like this. I have mine sending an email to my list every other day for an entire year!

Of course, whenever you notice that a product is on sale, send it to your entire list in one go and enjoy paying yourself a nice fat bonus!

There are many reasons that selling other people's products is better than selling your own...

  • You can get started NOW. You don't have to waste months creating a product (That probably won't sell anyway!)
  • You don't have to deal with customers! So you'll never have to answer any questions or speak to anybody.
  • You don't have to write any sales copy!

Your Income is Completely Unlimited!


You can create as many lists as you want. Each one very quickly becomes a 100% passive income!

It’s a perfect system….

  • Your Squeeze Page gives away a valuable free ebook and lots of people to sign up to your list
  • Your auto-responder automatically emails them with offers and promotions related to the book they requested!
  • People buy products and you make money
  • People sign up to membership programs and you make even more money!
  • All running completely automatically providing you with a 100% passive income

Are you beginning to see the power of lists? Can you now appreciate the gravity of the saying...


I hope that you can. Because building a list (or many lists) will be the smartest and most profitable business decision you’ll ever make. And it’s a lot easier than you might expect.

Can You Invest Just 2 or 3 Hours Per Week?

I’m assuming that you have a job, or some other commitments that take up your time. So I don’t expect you to be able to devote much time to this. By giving you all of the tools that you need to replicate my system you can skip the learning curve, fast track your business and start immediately.

To help you set up your first list I’m going to guide you through each step of the process. I’ve made a series of over-the-shoulder videos that you can watch and copy. Just play the video, watch what I do, and copy.

I avoid using jargon and guide you through each step of the process exactly how I’d need to if I was teaching my mother how to do this… and believe me, nobody is less ‘tech-savvy’ than my mother!

Now that you have seen how my blueprint works, it’s time for me to answer...


Question #3


"Why is this free?"

It's very simple.

I've created my system to be a win-win opportunity for us both. Even though I am giving you the entire system for free, when you use it, I make money.

This is how it works

The books that you give away to encourage people to join your list contain adverts for related products. When your readers buy them, I earn a commission.

That’s fair enough, right?

The readers will still be added to your list, and I don’t have any access to that. I just make money from the adverts in the books.

It’s the perfect win-win situation. I provide you with everything that you need to build a huge list and in return I make some money when your readers buy products from the books.

As sweet a deal as that is…. and it really is, it benefits us both greatly, I have an alternative offer for you to consider…


Here's the deal...


Do You Want to Generate a 100% Passive Income As You Build Your List?

The products advertised in the books are not mine. I sell them as an affiliate. If you like, I can replace all of my affiliate links with yours, so that you earn the commission instead of me.

The cost for this option is $47 per month. If you decide to do this, every single book that you give away will feature several adverts for top selling products using your affiliate link.

This means that when one of your readers buys a product from a book that you've given to them, you make money. It's a great way to build an additional passive income as you build your list.

You have 2 membership options...


  • Free Membership: I provide you with everything for free and the adverts in the books use my affiliate links.
  • Premium Membership: You invest $47 per month and the adverts in the books use your affiliate links.

    PLUS... If you sign up as a premium member, whenever a free member signs up through your affiliate link, the adverts in their books will use YOUR affiliate link.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll build a very highly targeted email list. Which is the main reason for this business. Building your list should always be your priority.

People that are on your list will buy from you over and over again. It’s the most valuable resource that you will ever have.

But the commissions from the adverts in the books are certainly not to be sniffed at!

The first book I ever gave away to build a list included an advert for a course that sold for $199, my commission was 50% so after processing fees I earned about $97 per sale.

Within one month, 12 of my readers bought the product and I earned $1,164.00 in commission.

That book is still in the system. You’ll be able to give it away just like I did. And it still promotes the same $199 course.

What if 12 of your readers buy the course?

  • If you’re a free member, then those 12 people are added to your list and I make $1,164.00.
  • If you’re a premium member, then those 12 people are added to your list, but YOU make the $1,164.00 instead of me.

All of the books that I supply for you include several adverts just like this. The affiliate links are generated completely automatically. If you’re a free member the books have my affiliate link, and if you’re a premium member they have your affiliate link.

In addition to helping you build a highly targeted email list, if you're a premium member, these books can make you a lot of money... completely passively.

"Everyday I make money from books
that I stopped giving away years ago."

One of the things I love about this system is that a book that you give away today instantly becomes a 100% passive income stream that lasts forever. And that's because...


If you’ve been around for a while, then you may remember a business opportunity called ‘Free2sell’. This included a set of ebooks with resale rights that had adverts for affiliate products. These books sold really well for many years, and made a lot of people a lot of money.

But, over time, the products advertised in the books were all removed from sale. This meant that the affiliate links in the books stopped working. Those books are still being sold today. I doubt that people will ever stop reading them, but they're no longer making anybody any money because all of the links are dead.

Our books are different, the links never expire. So even if the book changes hands a million times over 20 years you still make money whenever a reader buys a product.

The SECRET to Everlasting links


The books are not static.

They are compiled at the moment that a person downloads them. So the adverts that are added to the book are only selected when a person starts to read.

Even if a reader shares their downloaded version of a book, when a new reader clicks on an advert, our system checks to see if the product has been removed from sale. If it has, it redirects the reader to an alternative product.

This guarantees that...

  • The ebooks that we supply for you will never suffer from dead links
  • The ebooks that we supply for you will always make you money whenever a reader buys a product

Of course, you only make money from the adverts in the books if you’re a premium member. If you're a free member then all of those commissions come to us instead.

Whether the adverts in the books use your affiliate link or mine is entirely up to you.

Now I'd like to ask you a question. A very important one...


Do you have a Millionaire mindset?


Do you naturally attract wealth, Or do you struggle to make ends meet?

This is one of the most important questions on this page. If you have a "Millionaire Mindset" then making money is EASY! If you are struggling to make money then you have a "Poverty Mindset" and before you can be rich this needs to change.

Every wealthy person that I’ve ever met, and this includes many self made multi-millionaires, attributes their success to having the correct mindset.

Most of them weren't born with a Millionaire Mindset, they had to develop one, through arduous study, focus and unwavering belief.

Changing your mindset is difficult. It is deeply rooted in your subconscious mind, the same place that houses your addictions, habits and fears.

If you have a phobia then you probably know that it's irrational. But conscious reasoning doesn't make it go away. Having a poverty mindset is exactly the same. It doesn't matter how much you want to make money, you can't reason with your mindset to make it change.

To change your mindset you need to go a little deeper...


The most valuable free bonus ever offered!


These days, it seems that everything that you buy online comes with a myriad of free bonuses. Usually they are worthless junk harvested from PLR websites to 'fatten-up' the deal. It's a well known marketing gimmick.

The free bonus that I'm about to offer you is very different

Aside of being an entrepreneur, I'm also a certified hypnotist with over 25 years of experience. During the 1990s I was a stage hypnotist, and later ran a very successful private hypnotherapy clinic. I'm also an NLP and Law of Attraction Coach.

I was the first person ever to be awarded Master Trainer for the Association of Cosmic Ordering Practitioners and I've written several books, and given many seminars on conscious manifestation.

My particular area of expertise is helping people to develop a Millionaire Mindset.

If you want to be successful, copying list building blueprint alone is not enough. You also need the correct mindset.

I have created an audio series called "The Millionaire Mindset" It's designed to reprogram your mind so that you attract wealth like a magnet attracts metal.

I've been successfully selling "The Millionaire Mindset" audio program for many years. My customers love it, because it works. Here are a few of the many comments that I receive about this program...

"I listened to Steve's meditations with great interest on two fronts. Firstly because I want to know the methods for tuning myself into the right state for financial efficiency, finding those golden nuggets of ideas that could transform my financial position, and secondly because I'm a clinical hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety and stress and wanted to hear someone else's therapy sessions rather than my own for change!

So after listening to the sessions once through I can report some very positive findings to date.

The amount of ideas that have come into my mind for taking my therapy work forwards, enlarging the audience for a reduced cost to myself, allowing me to offer more for free is mind blowing!

Literally idea after idea keeps on popping into my head!

The sessions themselves are very professional in their construct using a multitude of trance inducing techniques to ensure a powerful and enjoyable session. Each session is carefully crafted, layering suggestions upon suggestions to build deeper levels of absorption into the subconscious mind."

Pete Linforth - Clinical hypnotherapist

"I have been interested in options trading for some time now, and I have invested a lot of time in learning about various trading strategies.

But when it came time to actually execute a trade, I felt very afraid. It was an irrational fear, since I knew that I was well prepared and well-funded. I did not know where the fear was coming from, but it was strong and real, and it prevented me from moving forward.

Your explanation of why I might have this fear and your solution gave me hope. I have listened to your audio files only once so far, but already I am re-energized about trading options, and I don't feel the kind of fear I felt before.

So, thank you so much for helping me to overcome my fear of making money. I am now excited and looking forward to a successful round of options trades.

Thanks again for a wonderful, positive meditations program."

Bob Brekke
IT Operations Manager
San Antonio, Texas

"Steve your 'Millionaire Mindset' audio program is a must!

I have felt so motivated & a real shift in the way I feel about money and being wealthy.

Last night I listened to the 'Motivation' session again, and when I started visualising how I wanted my future to be I had a real shift in emotions I was smiling, felt happy & had a tingle run through my body, now that was really a WOW moment!

Thanks for introducing me to your meditations. Not only am I feeling the shift but with listening to the meditations in the evening I find it a really good way to wind down, relax & on occasion fall asleep! I know though that even as I sleep my subconscious will still take it all in. Thanks"

J Myers (Entrepreneur)
Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, UK

"It all started happening when I started listening!

Steven’s Millionaire Mindset series is CHANGING EVERYTHING! Not only has my attitude about earning changed... but, my vision is more clear and opportunities that I could not have even imagined a few weeks ago are finding me!

So, thank, you Steve for your amazing gift! I hope you realize what a profound opportunity you have given to those (like me) who were struggling financially. If you knew how much I listened to your recordings, you’d definitely realize how much more valuable they are than I paid...and, you’d likely be sick of me by now! ;)"

Suni Speaks
Founder of The S-Unit Empowerment Army
Alpena, Michigan

"Listening to the Millionaire Mindset has become my number one daily task. The sheer fact that I don't need to concentrate, but still hear the words and get the message is a great bonus. It gets me in the mood to do every task that is necessary for me each day and I know that each time I listen, my productivity creeps up a little more because I know I don't have to be afraid of succeeding."

Steven Lucas
Internet Marketer

"Steven, as a fellow hypnotist, I have to say "job well done". I am amazed at the depth of trance and value of the script. You really got it right!"

James Sadler, 
Guthrie, OK

When you use my list building blueprint, as a free or premium member, I'm going to give you my 'Millionaire Mindset' audio program completely free.

I'm also going to share several videos with you that will help you to break out of the poverty cycle and start attracting the wealth that you desire. This is my area of expertise, and I feel that it's the most important part of your training.


It’s now time to start building YOUR list!


The Money is in the List!

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Thanks for reading, I'll see you on the inside in about 60 seconds.

Steven Hall - Creator of Freesponder List Building System

P.S. Place your order today and you'll also get my Millionaire Mindset audio program completely free, which will automatically and effortlessly transform you into one of life's winners!

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If you decide to invest in the Freesponder Premium Membership option then you are protected by our 60 day money back guarantee. So if you change your mind, just let me know and I’ll refund every penny. No questions asked. Also, I want you to know that your membership to Freesponder has no tie-in or minimum contract period.

I provide as much value as possible to my customers because I believe that the more value I put out into the world the more value I get back. And I believe in treating people the way I like to be treated. That’s why I offer my unconditionally guarantee, if you’re not happy, for any reason at all, then I’m not happy accepting your money. 

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