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There are two ways to earn commissions as an affiliate of Freesponder.

1. Basic Affiliate

As a basic affiliate, you will earn 50% commission on the monthly membership fee for all premium members that you introduce.

You get paid 50% commission every month, for as long as they remain a Premium member. Premium membership is $47 USD per month. So (after a small processing fee) you get half of that, for each member, every month.

Introduce 10 members and you will receive about $230 per month. Of course, as you introduce new members over time, your monthly commissions keep increasing, by roughly $23 per month for each premium member you introduce.

2. Premium Affiliate

You will earn the same commission as a basic affiliate for introducing premium members, plus...

You will earn additional commissions when you introduce free members.

When a free member uses one of our books to build their list, it features several adverts for products related to the book. Those adverts are automatically branded with your affiliate link. So when a reader buys a product, you earn a commission.

To become a premium affiliate you simply need to be a premium member of Freesponder. You can sign up at our main sales page at Do not sign up using your own ClickBank affiliate link, this is against ClickBank's rules and can result in your ClickBank account being terminated without notice and all commission payments lost.

Creating your affiliate link

Freesponder is sold via ClickBank. If you already understand how ClickBank works, our ClickBank ID is listbpro

To create your affiliate link you need a ClickBank affiliate account. This is free, and just takes a couple of minutes to create. Click here to open the ClickBank website in a new window and create your affiliate account.

Now that you have a ClickBank account you have your ClickBank ID (They call it your ClickBank nickname) Replace the XXXX in the link below with your ClickBank ID to create your affiliate link.

Adding your ClickBank ID to your Freesponder account

If you are a member of Freesponder, as soon as you have your ClickBank ID be sure to add it into your account settings, as we need to use your ID to brand the affiliate links in the books that you give away.

To do this, you need to log in and go to the account page.

Promoting Freesponder

We have created a series of banners that you can use to promote Freesponder, we will be adding more affiliate tools to this page over time. If you need anything specific please contact me.

Freesponder Banners

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Size 300 x 250    
Size 250 x 250    
Size 125 x 125          


Earn more commission as a Premium Member!

If you sign up to Freesponder as a premium member, you can earn a lot more commission. When you introduce a new member, if they opt for the free membership option, then all of the adverts that are inside the books that they give away will use your ClickBank affiliate link. So when one of their readers buy a product, you earn a commission.

Never Do THIS....

I've seen several people doing this over the years so I want to make sure you don't do it, as you will not earn commissions!

This is the format of a basic ClickBank affiliate link (ClickBank call it a hoplink):

When somebody clicks on a link like this two things happen.

The first thing is the most important.

Immediately when the link is clicked, ClickBank track the affiliate ID and add a 90 day cookie to the visitors computer. It's this process that guarantees you will earn your commission.

Once that is done, they then redirect the visitor to the vendors website. But they also tag some code on to the end of vendors website address so it now looks like this:

This is important:

Sending people directly to: will NOT set the cookie, so ClickBank will NOT track the sale and you will NOT earn any commission.

In order to earn commission you need to use the correct ClickBank link format as described earlier on this page. ClickBank also provide a cloaked link system which you can access when choosing products to promote in their marketplace so not all ClickBank affiliate links will look exactly like the format I've shown here. But sending people to will NEVER earn you a commission.

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