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Name Changes

We have recently changed our name, from Simple Solutions to Freesponder. We will update this page with the new name, and a collection of new videos showing the new design soon. For now, whenever you read Simple Solutions... just think Freesponder!

The AutoResponder tool was previously called ListBuilder.

Thank you.

On this page you will find training videos and tutorials for each of the tools that are available at SimpleSolutions. If you are not currently making use of all of our tools, review the training videos below to help you to decide if you'd like to add additional tools to your membership.

Quick links to specific tools

AutoResponder training videos (Previously called ListBuilder)

The following video will guide you through the features and tools available for the AutoResponder tool.

How to add your lead magnet book to your blog on blogger.

How to create laser targeted campaigns with list automation and squeeze page questions.

AutoTweet training videos and tutorials

What is AutoTweet?

AutoTweet is great for sharing inspirational quotes that boost your following, as well as promoting affiliate products on auto-pilot. Once set up, it runs completely automatically, publishing fresh content and profitable affiliate links to your Twitter account forever.

You can use AutoTweet on your existing Twitter account or create a new one. To create a new account go to and click on the sign up link.

Step-by-Step Guide to using AutoTweet

Step 1 - An Introduction to Making Money By Selling Other Peoples Products (On Auto-Pilot!)

AutoTweet is designed to help you make money by selling other peoples products on Auto-Pilot. Selling other peoples products (affiliate marketing) is very easy to do. You can be up and running in just a few minutes and you can start making money immediately.

Watch the following video to learn more about selling other peoples products with the help of a company called ClickBank

  • Click HERE to access ClickBank, create your free affiliate account and take a look at their marketplace

Step 2 - The "Secret Sauce" of Passive Income - SPINNING!!

For our next tutorial, I'd like to show you a wonderful technology called spinning. Spinning makes it possible to set up never ending AutoTweet campaigns that promote your ClickBank affiliate links to Twitter FOREVER!

It actually looks more complicated to show you than it is to do, so please watch this one as many times as you need. Click on the link beneath the video to access Spinner Chief and just play around with it. Get comfortable with the concept of spinning and in no time at all you'll be able to spin your Tweets into hundreds of possibilities.

Something I'd really like you to take away from this video is the idea of "Do the work once, get paid FOREVER!" - so it's a good idea to do a good job! If you spend a little more time doing a good job of spinning your Tweets you'll reap the benefits of that time invested for many many years to come.

  • Click HERE to access the SpinnerChief website and spend some time playing with their software until you feel comfortable that you can generate some really great spins that would easily pass the "Human" test!!

Step 3 - Creating Your 1st AutoTweet Campaign

Now that you understand a little about affiliate marketing and spinning, it's time for you to set up your first AutoTweet campaign. Follow along with the video below, pause as often as you need and just copy what I do.

Don't worry about making mistakes as you can easily delete a campaign and start over.

On this video I'll be giving you an overview of the entire AutoTweet system, so the goal here is for you to understand the concept of AutoTweet (and the way it works) so you feel comfortable using it. On future videos we will be digging in a little deeper to help you to create some really awesome promotions.

Although you can start creating your campaigns straight away, I'd recommend watch the rest of the tutorial videos first. They have plenty of tips for creating much more effective campaigns. For now, just get a feel for the interface.

  • Click HERE to access the SpinnerChief so you can spin your promotions before you add them to the system
  • Click HERE to access ClickBank, if you want to add some affiliate links to your promotions

Step 4 - Digging Deeper into ClickBank - Tweets that Make Money!

On our next video I want to take you a little deeper into ClickBank and show you the way I create my promotions by quickly and easily using the affiliate tools that ClickBank provide. And in many cases, also grabbing great content directly from the product sales page too!

The main take away from this video is that you never need to write out your own promotions!

  • Click HERE to access the SpinnerChief so you can spin your promotions before you add them to the system
  • Click HERE to access ClickBank

Step 5 - Creating Your IFTTT Account

In order to connect your AutoTweet campaign to Twitter you need to set up an Applet on IFTTT. I'll show you how to do that on the next video, but first you need to create your IFTTT account. It's free, it's quick and easy but be sure to watch this video as I really want to show you a nifty little trick that will make your life a LOT easier as your business grows.

  • Click HERE to access IFTTT so you can set up your account
  • Click HERE for a guide to setting up a gmail account (this will automatically create a Google account for you)

Step 6 - Connecting Your AutoTweet Campaign to Twitter

Now that you have your IFTTT account set up, you need to connect your AutoTweet campaign to Twitter by creating 2 IFTTT Applets per campaign. This process is different to the AutoBlog connection, so if you've been doing that lots, please also watch this video to avoid any mistakes.


  • Click HERE to access IFTTT

AutoBlog training videos and tutorials

What is AutoBlog?

AutoBlog automatically publishes evergreen content to your blog. You can use it to feed multiple blogs forever by publishing a series of posts in rotation. Each time a post is republished SpinTax code ensures that it is totally unique.

Step 1 - Creating Your Blog on Blogger

You can create a very professional blog in just a few minutes with Blogger. It's free and easy to use. You don't have to learn any code, or buy web-space! You can even set up multiple blogs (targeting different markets) on one Blogger account.

Blogger works with your Google account, so if you don't have one of those you'll need to create that first. Use the links below to create your blog.

  • Click HERE for a guide to creating a Google account if you don't already have one
  • Click HERE to access Blogger and create your blog
  • Click HERE for a very comprehensive Step-By-Step guide to creating your blog on Blogger

Step 2 - Creating Your IFTTT Account

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It's a free online automation service. We use IFTTT to connect your AutoTweet campaigns to your Twitter account. Watch the video below for details on how to create your IFTTT account correctly to work with our tools.

  • Click HERE to access IFTTT and set up your free account

Step 3 - Connecting Your AutoBlog Campaigns to Blogger

Now that you have created a free account with IFTTT it's time to create your first AutoBlog campaign and connect it to your Blog. You need to do this process for every AutoBlog campaign that you create. Watch the video below for a step by step tutorial...

  • Click HERE to log in to your IFTTT account
  • Click HERE to log in to your Blogger account

Step 4 - Adding Promotions to Your AutoBlog Campaigns

Now it's time to begin adding promotions to your campaign. Each promotion is a blog post that will be published to your blog on Blogger.

The first video will guide you through the process of finding great content for your post. I use three different methods, the first helps you to get a lot of free traffic to your blog, the second is very easy and the third helps you to effectively monetize your post. I recommend that you copy my work flow and make use of each of these methods too.

The second video will guide you through the technical side of adding your blog post.

  • Click HERE to log in to your Blogger account
  • Click HERE to create an account on Quora
  • Click HERE to access SpinnerChief to spin your promotion before adding it to the system
  • Click HERE to create an affiliate account with Hypnosis Downloads
  • Click HERE to access ClickBank

Gallery training videos and tutorials

What is Gallery?

The gallery tool has just been updated. We now allow you to upload images from your computer to add to the gallery. The tutorial video below shows the old system for adding text to images. This is no longer necessary. You can create an image, with text, using Canva for free, then upload the image to the Gallery. The tutorial also shows how you can include your images with your tweets and blog posts. This is the same as the previous tool, so the video is still included here. It will be replaced with an updated one soon.

Gallery allows you to add multiple image options to your Tweets and Blog posts. You can even add text to your images, to create memes or promote your Blog and Twitter account. Watch the following video to discover how Gallery can help to boost your business...

  • Click HERE to access Pixabay for royalty-free images

Spinning: The secret to 100% passive income... that lasts FOREVER!

The tools that we provide at SimpleSolutions are 100% fully automated. Once set up, they can generate a passive income for you for the rest of your life. Watch the following video to discover how...

  • Click HERE to access SpinnerChief to spin your content so it's always unique!

Beginners guide to affiliate marketing

Making money from other peoples products is much easier than creating a product of your own. If you're new to affiliate marketing, watch the following video to learn how to monetize your business...

  • Click HERE to access ClickBank and set up your free affiliate account




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