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To get started, visit the training page and watch the step-by-step tutorial videos. We have a selection of tools available that are designed to help automate your income. You can make use of as many or as few of our tools as you need.

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If you are a premium member of Freesponder please be aware that the name 'Freesponder' will not appear on your email receipt. Your monthly email receipt will show your transaction as Premium Membership to List Builder Pro (or simply ListBuilderPro) this email arrives every month when your billing cycle repeats. It is sent from ClickBank Notifications. Premium membership to Freesponder is $47 USD per month. Freesponder was previously called ListBuilderPro, which is the reason for this name appearing on your statement. Unfortunately, once a product has been accepted by ClickBank it is not possible to change the name that appears on the monthly billing email.

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